Day 1

Morning: !Khwattu!

Khwattu is an 850 ha nature reserve on the West Coast, where impeccably renovated old farm buildings house the project, a place dedicated to the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, the San or Bushmen. It is a choice destination for the discerning tourist who wishes to meet and learn about South Africaís First People while enjoying a beautiful natural setting in the unique West Coast

West Coast National Park

The park is the site of the oldest anatomically modern fossilised human footprint. The 117,000 year old footprints of a woman were discovered in the ancient dune rocks at Kraal Bay near the Preekstoel rock formation. Tourists can also view a replica of the footprints at the Geelbek Info Centre in the Park.

West Coast Fossil Park

The West Coast today is completely different to what it was 5 million years ago. Thousands of fossil bones were found on this site that attracts worldwide attention – these include the first bear ever discovered south of the Sahara, sabre tooth cats, and long-horned, short-necked giraffes, as well as ancestors of the buffalo, hartebeest and steenbok. Open daily, tours on the hour, presentations need to be prebooked.

Afternoon: Goedverwacht

Goedverwacht was established as a cattle farm in 1810 by Hendrick Schalk Burger, who bequeathed the farm to his slave Maniesa and her descendants. In 1889 the Moravian Missionaries bought the farm. A walkabout includes visiting the restored, fully functional watermill, the beautiful Moravian Church and the grave of the last slave.

Evening: Paternoster

Dine at one of Paternoster’s fine Restaurants.

Day 2

Morning: Citrsudal and Clanwilliam

Afternoon: Cederberg

The Cederberg Wilderness Area lies east and south of Clanwilliam. This isolated undeveloped area has unique rock formations and features the Stadsaal (Town Hall) Caves with its famous elephant drawings. Either take a packed lunch with you, or return to Citrusdal for a restaurant meal.

Evening: Paternoster

Dine at one of Paternoster’s fine Restaurants.

Day 3

Morning: Clanwilliam

One of the oldest towns in the country, Clanwilliam is the centre for flower and historical routes, as well as hiking trails and rock art viewing. The Living Landscape Rock Art Project has local residents trained as rock art guides to assist visitors. Enjoy lunch in the town before setting off for the hour’s drive to Wupperthal.

Afternoon: Wupperthal

In the remote TraTra valley, lies the picturesque Moravian Mission Station of Wupperthal. Famous for its ëvelskoeneí (leather shoe) factory, rooibos tea farming, and the Mission Station itself. Note: The approach road is partially tarred and suitable for ordinary cars, except after heavy rains.

Evening: Paternoster

Dine at one of Paternoster’s fine Restaurants.