South Africa’s West Coast was rediscovered in recent years.  Coastal resorts are developing into quaint seaside towns as more people begin to appreciate the charm of the region.


The water sports enthusiast can choose angling, diving, surfing, sailing, kite-boarding, windsurfing and swimming.  Other activities include hiking and horse-riding, not to mention the exceptional and bountiful seafood and distinctive wines and fruits of the region.  Crayfish, mussels and wonderful fresh fish are the order of the day.


The Western Cape and the nearby Northern Cape and Namaqualand are known for their beautiful flowers, with the best flower season in spring – August and September.


Long, sunny summer days on white beaches or in the mountains and the green veld and mostly clear, windless winter days are proof of the region’s Mediterranean climate.


The people of the West Coast are known for their hospitality, warmth, great food and endless stories.


The coastline


An almost undiscovered treasure trove of rugged unspoilt beaches, rich geographical diversity and an astounding carpet of wild flowers in spring form the backdrop of a major holiday route out of Cape Town along Route 27.


A series of beautiful historic towns and fishing villages is strung all along the coastline.  With names like Lambert’s Bay, St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Saldanha Bay and Langebaan, each town has something unique to offer the visitor.




The Cape West Coast is divided into six regions.

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