Experience the most extraordinarily coastline halfway between Cape Town and the Cederburg. On the map it is the extreme westerly protruding feature along the coastline – 90 minutes north of Cape Town International Airport.
Two small mountain heads stand guard over the shipping moving between the bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged coastline blessed with nine small peninsular-like etchings, extends north along amazing coves such as Tabak Bay, Jacobs Bay, Trekoskraal, Tieties Bay, Paternoster, Britannia Bay, Stompneusbaai and St Helena Bay.
From Postberg to the south stretches a 17km long peninsula that protects the tranquil jade-colored saltwater lagoon from the fury of the Atlantic Ocean and the cold waters of the Benguela current. The southern section of this lagoon is surrounded by the West Coast National Park, which borders a magnificent 16-mile beach, stretching all the way to Yzerfontein. The Lagoon was shaped by the rise and fall of sea levels during prehistoric times (this is quite unlike typical lagoons, which form where fresh water enters the sea). The basis of the Lagoon ecosystem originates from the depths of the ocean with the ocean currents, wind and sun, all working together. The cold Benguela current that flows up the West Coast brings nutrient rich water from the Antarctic. A combination of the ocean current and prevailing south easterly winds, results in a phenomenon know as “up-welling”. This up-welling forces nutrients (consist of decomposed matter from the seabed) to be brought up to the surface along the shoreline. The daily change in the tides brings this nutrient rich water into the Lagoon.

The Cape West Coast Biosphere

Biosphere Reserves are regions with beautiful landscapes, a considerable abundance of fauna and flora, unique cultures, where a balance between development and the natural surroundings are promoted.


Walk on long stretches of unspoilt beaches, at one with nature. Marvel at the stars with our clear night skies.



Paternoster in bloom

Paternoster sandy beaches

Sunset Paternoster

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