Paternoster is a quaint little fishing village with picturesque beaches, whitewashed houses, and a turquoise ocean. We have luxurious and romantic accommodation available and provide plenty of things to do in and around Paternoster.

Paternoster Accommodation

Soli Deo Gloria as seen from the beach. The ideal accommodation for your relaxing holiday in Paternoster.

Looking for a place to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place. A place of tranquility and calm. With beautiful beaches, views, and amazing food.

Nieuview and Soli Deo Gloria are right on the beachfront with the most amazing sea views. LekkeBly Loft is approximately 250 m from the beach.

You can enjoy 5-star luxury in Nieuview and 4-star luxury in Soli Deo Gloria and LekkeBly Loft.

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Discover Paternoster


Today Paternoster, about 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, is a popular tourist destination with bed & breakfasts, guest houses and self-catering apartments that suit every taste or pocket.  At Paternoster Accommodation we personally meet you and ensure you are settled into your accommodation and we provide you with helpful hints to ensure that your Paternoster experience will be a memorable one. Read more here.

Cape West Coast


The Western Cape and the nearby Northern Cape and Namaqualand are known for their beautiful flowers. With the best flower season in spring – August and September.

Long, sunny summer days on white beaches or in the mountains and the green veld and mostly clear. Windless winter days are proof of the region’s Mediterranean climate.

The people of the West Coast are known for their hospitality, warmth, great food, and endless stories.

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Traveller Info


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Paternoster is one of the last traditional fishing villages on this coastline and arguably the most romantic and peaceful place in the region. It has beautiful beaches, only minutes away from large expanses of unspoilt countryside.